Life In Israel January 2021

Written by on June 6, 2023

As Joe Louis once said, on the eve of his championship battle, you possibly can run however you can’t cover! If this regulation passes, it is going to permit Israeli dayanim to impose sanctions on such a husband refusing to grant a gett to his spouse, ought to they come to Israel sooner or later. These guys depart their wives, generally even working to Israel to cover out, or perhaps simply persevering with on with his regular life and afikltd maybe he goes to Israel for a vacation or the holidays. It seems this was really initiated by the Conference of European Rabbis, as they encouraged Azoulai to implement such an answer. The world is getting to be a much smaller place. He is out enjoying himself while his wife is suffering tied down, anchored to him, unable to maneuver on. Currently the law solely permits Israel’s rabbinical courts to deal with circumstances during which at the least the husband or the spouse, if not each, are residents of the State of Israel. Israel will now be able to lend a hand in placing an end to this travesty.

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