Tom Cruise Furious at Christopher Nolan and Greta Gerwig, Wants Their Screentime

Written by on June 6, 2023

Sources claim the actor is pissed with Oppenheimer and Barbie taking over “his” screens and will go to any lengths to book them for the new Mission: Impossible.

Tom Cruise is one incredibly self-confident and demanding man. As the absolute GOAT of action movies, the actor is convinced that there’s just one truly competent person in this world, and that person is him.

Cruise has set one too many records with both his movies and his stunts but still strives to best himself every time.

For that, Tom Cruise demands perfection from everyone, starting with himself. It’s no secret that the actor’s borderline superhuman when it comes to resilience, regeneration, and raw performance; it’s also no secret that working with him is hell.

To achieve his goals, Cruise goes to any lengths… And now, this means war for IMAX screens.

You see, Tom’s next Mission: Impossible movie is set to hit the theaters on July 12, and he’s already booked the majority of the IMAX screens for the following week.

After this week, he’s got a massive problem: every single IMAX screen in both North America and other countries is booked for three entire weeks for Oppenheimer.

Christopher Nolan’s typical late-July slot was booked way before Tom Cruise settled on the final date for Mission: Impossible 7, and now his precious movie’s getting seriously bumped.

With both Oppenheimer and Barbie coming out on July 21, Tom Cruise is set to lose the vast majority of the screens — and all of the IMAX screens which constitute one-third of all screens in North America.

Numerous sources have shared that Cruise has been raging about this situation to Paramount executives and many others.

The actor’s pissed about not receiving the proper recognition and screen redistribution for the sake of the man who “saved the entire theatrical industry” as he was recently called by Steven Spielberg.

Apart from pouring out his rage on anyone who comes around, Tom Cruise has started desperate attempts to save his movie.

Lately, he’s been aggressively showing Mission: Impossible 7 to any and all non-IMAX exhibitors and demanding they cancel their plans for Oppenheimer and Barbie in favor of his movie.

Multiple sources claim that Cruise is even personally reaching out to various exhibition and studio executives, and some even say the actor’s asking his direct rivals to move their release dates for the “greater good” of the entire theatrical industry.

It seems like the man’s growing more desperate by the minute.

Tom Cruise is very used to getting what he wants, and watching his new potential record-breaker bumped so severely does terrible things for the actor’s mental health.

While it’s obvious that no one’s going to move their own releases for him, when it comes to Cruise’s conquest of non-IMAX screens, we’ll have to wait and see whether this mission turns out as impossible as the movie he’s advocating for.

Source: Puck

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