Martin Scorsese to make new Jesus movie; Fans want Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro as cast

Written by on May 31, 2023

Following the announcement of Martin Scorsese’s intention to make a film about Jesus, fans of the acclaimed director are buzzing with excitement. Scorsese, known for his exploration of religious themes in his films, recently met with Pope Francis and revealed his plans to respond to the Pope’s call to artists by writing and directing a movie about Jesus. With this news, fans have begun envisioning their dream cast for this upcoming cinematic endeavor.

The Role of Jesus: Fan Casting Choices

Among the fervor surrounding Scorsese’s Jesus film, fans have taken it upon themselves to imagine the perfect actor to portray the iconic role of Jesus. Leonardo DiCaprio emerges as a popular choice, capturing fans’ attention and generating significant anticipation. Additionally, suggestions for the role include Willem Dafoe, Chris Pratt, and Tom Holland. The fan enthusiasm for these potential casting decisions highlights the excitement surrounding the project.

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Supporting Characters: Fan-Written Cast Lists

Fans have gone a step further and even created their own cast lists for Scorsese’s Jesus film. One fan proposed a sequel titled “The Last Temptation of Christ 2: Crucify This,” with Willem Dafoe reprising the role of Jesus, Sharon Stone as Mary, and Robert De Niro lending his voice as God. The imaginative casting choices demonstrate the fans’ creative investment in the project. Social media platforms have been filled with additional suggestions, with fans requesting De Niro to play Judas and proposing a humorous take on Jesus portrayed by Joe Pesci. Other fan-made lists include actors like Daniel Day-Lewis, Frank Sivero, Tony Darrow, and Margot Robbie in various roles.

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The Buzz Surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio

The possibility of Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jesus has created a significant buzz among fans. Social media platforms are brimming with excitement and speculation about the acclaimed actor’s potential portrayal of the iconic figure. The prospect of seeing DiCaprio in the role adds an extra layer of anticipation and intrigue to the upcoming Scorsese film.

With Martin Scorsese’s plans to create another movie about Jesus, fans are eagerly awaiting further details and casting announcements. The passion surrounding the potential casting choices, particularly the excitement surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio’s involvement, showcases the anticipation and curiosity surrounding this project. As fans continue to speculate and share their desires, it is clear that Scorsese’s upcoming Jesus film has captured the imagination and enthusiasm of movie enthusiasts worldwide.

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