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Written by on May 31, 2023

Veteran actor Ashish Vidyarthi got married to Rupali Barua a few days ago. He was first married to actor Piloo Vidyarthi. Now in a new interview, Ashish has opened up about how he first met Rupali, and how his decision to marry for the second time has came with a lot of pain in his family. (Also read: Ashish Vidyarthi opens up about divorce from Piloo after marrying Rupali Barua: ‘Age doesn’t matter my friend’)

Ashish Vidyarthi filed for divorce from Piloo last year and tied the knot with Rupali Barua last week.

Earlier Piloo, alias Rajoshi Barua, had told Hindustan Times about the reactions to Ashish’s second marriage, “People are tied to the stereotypes that one has to fight, abuse and create a scene to go through the process (of separation). Some just cannot take it when two people do it peacefully and beautifully. They just need something to talk about. Either of us has to be the defaulter, according to them.” Ashish Vidyarthi had filed for divorce from Piloo last year.

How he met Rupali

Now in a new interview with The Telegraph-t2, Ashish Vidyarthi opened up how he met Rupali. He said, “Post all the completion with Piloo, last year I met Rupali during one of my vlogging assignments and we started chatting and we discovered that she has also gone through her degree of pain. She lost her husband five years back and also not contemplated marriage again, but as we chatted, we discovered that there is a possibility that she can look afresh at life and consider marrying. I am feeling amazing that I am with someone who at a stage in her life was also perhaps by her own and possibly looking at life in a slightly different way…. She is 50 and I am 57, and why not? Each one of us, whatever be our age, strata, we all can be happy. My key line is to fulfill your responsibilities and that has been the keynote for me.”

Pain in the family

Further adding how his decision also brought in pain for the family, and how he sees Piloo as a friend, Ashish said, “Piloo and I are walking on with wonderful memories of an amazing marriage. I have never related to Piloo just as my son’s mother. Piloo’s my friend… was my wife… that’s how she was with me… Please don’t think all this has happened without pain. Parting has got pain. It is very difficult. Now, I am being clinical about it, but both Piloo and I and Mowgli have gone through pain…. But then you have a choice, do you want to deal with it or do you want to linger with it? Then life goes away.”

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