Fans react to a recent Weverse article that seems to be throwing shade at BTS’s Jimin and SUGA

Written by on May 25, 2023

Recently, a Weverse Magazine article has sparked controversy among fans who believe it contains subtle jabs or “shade” directed towards HYBE‘s artists, including beloved members of BTS such as Jimin and SUGA.

In the latest article titled “Morgan Wallen is the most wanted man in music,” a passage explaining the immense success of the controversial country music star has given an unsettling feeling to readers and K-pop fans.

This is because the article undermines the success of K-pop artists while praising Morgan Wallen’s success with the album ‘One Thing at a Time.’

The passage reads:

After reading this article on Morgan Wallen, fans took to social media to point out that Weverse magazine threw shade at top K-pop artists, including TWICE, Seventeen, and even BTS.

They shared that BTS members, particularly Jimin, had contributed immensely to HYBE’s stock price increase with his debut track “Like Crazy,” reaching number 1 on Billboard’s HOT 100. SUGA is also making waves with the massive success of his solo world tour.

Fans and netizens are reacting:

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