Dead Space Remake: Where to Find Every Schematic

Written by on January 30, 2023

Stasis Pack

Chapter 2 – To the left of Dr. Brennan’s office, you’ll find the Main Lab Changing Room. Once inside, look for a bench to your right. You should see this schematic on the bench.

Medium Med Pack

Chapter 3 – After completing the Decontamination Room Quarantine section, you’ll find a locker in the adjoining room. The schematic is inside that locker.

Flamethrower Fuel

Chapter 3 – Once you reach the Engine Room, look for the Primary Engine panel that you need to interact with. You’ll find this schematic next to that panel.

Ripper Blades

Chapter 3 – After you use the first elevator (but before you enter the next elevator), look for the nearby open room. You should see this schematic just sitting there in that room.

Intermediate Engineer Rig

Chapter 4 – Wait until you reach the EVA Prep Room during this chapter. You should spot it on the map before you complete the “Calibrate Three ADS Cannons” mission. You’ll find this schematic inside that room.

Line Racks

Chapter 5 – This one is a bit tricky. Once you reach the Observation Room in this chapter, head into the next available room as you normally would. However, don’t use the elevator. To the right of the room, you’ll find Dr. B. Warwick’s office, which requires Security Clearance Level 2 access. Enter the room if you’re able to do so, and you’ll find this schematic inside.

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