Benefits of Consuming Freshwater Fish for Health

Written by on March 4, 2023

Benefits of Consuming Freshwater Fish for Health

Besides being easy to find and process, the benefits of fish are many for the body. In Indonesia, there are various types of freshwater fish, including tilapia, milkfish, and freshwater sardines. Whatever the type, the benefits of fish are still many for the body.

The nutrition of this freshwater fish can be obtained from tilapia, sea bass, freshwater sardines, catfish, and various other fresh fish. The content of omega three fatty acids, protein, selenium, vitamin D in fresh fish is very good for the body because it is low in saturated fat.

Reporting from the site, the various benefits of freshwater fish can be seen from the variety of high-value fish content, namely protein which is quite high, 128 calories, selenium, potassium, fat, phosphorus, to various vitamins such as vitamin B3 and vitamin B12 .

Maintain brain function and health

Ever heard that the benefits of eating fish can make you smart fast? So, it is widely known that fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, where the nutritional content of this one is indeed very good in maintaining brain function as well as health. So do not be surprised if routinely consuming it as a daily meal, is able to educate the little one’s brain, increase his concentration, as well as his ability to think.

Still working with brain development, the benefits of fish for the body are also beneficial for preventing the risk of developing dementia or forgetting easily due to decreased memory. In order to support your baby’s brain intelligence while preventing the risk of dementia, you can incorporate various types of delicious processed fish into your daily meals and school supplies.

Prevent anemia

Freshwater fish have benefits for people who are prone to anemia because of their high vitamin B12 content. The content of vitamin B12 in this food is considered to be able to meet 121% of daily needs. Although there are other types of fish that are rich in vitamin B12, catfish is one of the highest.

Source of high quality protein

Protein plays a crucial role in the restoration of muscles and tissues, the formation of hormones and enzymes, and various other bodily functions. Eating fresh water fish is a simple way to meet your daily protein needs.

One hundred grams of catfish contains 16 grams of protein which can meet 32-39% of daily protein needs. The protein content in 100 grams of tilapia is even higher, namely 26.2 grams which is equivalent to 46% of the daily requirement of adults.

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