Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing online Games

Written by on March 6, 2023

It turns out that behind the bad stereotypes about bad gaming, it turns out there is a good side. Here are the advantages of playing online games.

  1. Improve skills

A true game player remembers the important details of the game he plays, they will also improve the time record or record they make in a game every time. A study from the University of Rochester found that playing online can improve a person’s perception and skills.

  1. Overcoming depression

Playing online games can overcome the depression you experience, games activate the sympathetic nervous system which can reduce the pressure that causes stress on you.

  1. Allows you to control your dreams

Researchers explained that someone who plays online games is actually practicing to control his dream world. In the game, one can control their environment, so they can control and reduce their nightmares and provide mental and emotional stability.

  1. Increase visual attention

Researchers at the University of Rochester found that playing online games can not only make a person more observant of their surroundings, but also improve a person’s ability to maintain focus when needed.

  1. Helping people overcome dyslexia.

Several studies point to attention difficulties as a key component of dyslexia. One study showed that dyslexic people improved their reading comprehension after a heavy gaming session. The reason, researchers believe, is that online games have a constantly changing environment that requires intense focus.

  1. online games can curb cravings.

Players who are preoccupied with overeating, smoking, or drinking may be better served by reaching for the controllers. A university study revealed a 24 percent decrease in the desire to represent their choices after playing online games such as puzzle.

Behind the advantages, don’t forget the negative effects of playing games. It should be noted that gaming is allowed but with reasonable time limits. Because if not, the bad impact will be excessive on your health. Here are the bad effects of playing online games too often

  1. Disturbed Eye Health

Staring at a computer or gadget screen for too long while playing a game will automatically make a child’s eye health decline, starting from tired eyes, plus minus, to eye nerve damage.

  1. Motor Disorders

Just sitting around playing online games all day also makes children move less. As a result, over time the child’s motor skills will decrease, so that their body growth is not optimal and the child is at risk of obesity.

  1. Joint Pain

When playing online games, children unconsciously sit hunched over or lie down. This sitting position is not a healthy sitting position. If a child sits in the wrong position for too long, it can make his muscles feel stiff and joint pain.

  1. Lowering Children’s Concentration Levels

According to research, addiction to playing online games can make children experience concentration problems. When children enjoy playing games, there will be changes in the dendritic structure of the cells in their brain. This causes the child’s concentration to decrease, so that he easily forgets and fails to focus. Exposure to radiation from electronic devices can also weaken a child’s concentration. This is what makes children’s academic grades also decrease because it is difficult to concentrate while studying

  1. Make Children More Aggressive

Children who are addicted to playing online games that contain elements of violence, such as wars, fights, and so on, will usually be more aggressive and have high emotions. They will also do what the characters in the game they play do. For example, playing the smackdown video game makes parents worry about their children imitating their idol characters.

several ways to play online games:

  1. Reduce gaming time

How to overcome game addiction must be done gradually. You should not stop suddenly and violently. If you do it this way then the child will commit lies and even disobedience.

So, start by reducing your gaming time. Make an agreement with the child about the number of hours in a day and at what time he can play. Set an alarm every time your child starts playing a game. Set a rule to stop playing the game when the time is up.

more info about online game is here:

  1. Choose online games that can be played with the family

Another way to overcome game addiction is to choose games for children that can be played with the family. This method can prevent him from getting involved in playing games until he becomes addicted online together out

Games that are played with the family will make a lot of people who will always be reminded about online games. In addition, this can also strengthen the bond between family members.

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