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SPOILER ALERT: This story contains spoilers from the Wednesday, Feb. 1 episode of MTV’s “The Challenge: Ride or Dies.” Throughout 38 seasons of “The Challenge,” there have been quite a few injuries along the way. That said, nothing compares to what Olivia Kaiser went through during part one of the “Ride or Dies” finale. Kaiser […]

“Have you met me? I’m the most nervous guy in the entire world,” director Eisenberg told his “When You Finish Saving the World” star Wolfhard. Jesse Eisenberg is spreading wisdom for how to manage anxiety as a teen star. The “Social Network” alum told “Stranger Things” breakout Finn Wolfhard advice director Greg Mottola imparted on […]

At a time when even the most modest indie rock projects are expected to provide a captivating origin story and annotated talking points, the still-anonymous South Korean artist Parannoul stated just the following about their new LP: “This album is not what you expected, but what I always wanted.” What we actually know about Parannoul hasn’t […]

Magic Mike’s Last Dance was almost Salma Hayek Pinault’s last dance, apparently. While making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Hayek Pinault shared that Vanity Fair’s February cover star, Channing Tatum, “nearly killed” her while filming an ambitious lap dance for the third and final film in the series.   Jimmy Kimmel shared a clip […]

The twist in M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film comes at the beginning, not the end. The trouble with that arrangement is that a career of surprise-ending films, such as “The Sixth Sense” and “Signs,” has conditioned audiences to expect something juicy to be revealed at the eleventh hour, by which point, this apocalyptic head-scratcher has […]

Co-creators Skyler Hartle and Brian Habersberger set out to create a “Netflix-like” option to perpetually stream an algorithm-based parody on the sitcom, complete with a robotic laugh track. The sitcom about nothing has now entered the metaphysical realm. “Seinfeld” has now found new life thanks to AI platform co-creators Skyler Hartle and Brian Habersberger founding […]

As for what went down after that moment? Well, Swift seemed to paint a picture of that very night in her 2010 song “Back to December,” which Lautner has confirmed is about their romance. The popular track holds telling lyrics about a night in September, seemingly referencing the 2009 VMAs, which fell on Sept. 13 […]

January tends to be a fallow month at the cinema, as a smattering of the previous year’s remainders join Oscar movies seeking an awards-season bump at the box office. (What would we have done without M3gan?) Thankfully, this time around, television has rushed in to fill the entertainment void. From a surprisingly hilarious superhero comedy […]

Left: Band (Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images Getty Images for NAMM) Right: Foodstuffs (Photo: Post Holdings) Okay, so: OK Go (the band) is now fighting OK GO! (the cereal), over the rights to the OK Go/GO! name, in what we cannot—despite therapy and medications—stop ourselves from thinking of as one hell of an OK Go/GO! Throw […]

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