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Image source: Getty Images Will you venture into a virtual world this year? Key points Metaverse tokens are increasingly popular, but it is very early days for these virtual worlds. Pay attention to virtual worlds and the projects that power them. Metaverses became the talk of the town last year after Facebook rebranded to Meta. […]

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Facebook parent Meta Platforms removed a network of fake accounts that originated in Iran and targeted Instagram users in Scotland with content supporting Scottish independence, the company’s investigators said on Thursday. The network used fake accounts to pose as locals in England and Scotland, posting photos and memes about current events and criticism of the […]

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — As consumers conduct more business on their smartphones, barcodes are giving way to QR codes, and the FBI says scammers are taking notice. If you have not seen those weird-looking QR codes yet, you will be seeing them soon. QR is short for “quick response” and that is where the crooks […]

Facebook parent company Meta has launched new activities on its Messenger Kids platform aimed at teaching internet etiquette to children. According to a blog post by Erik Michael Weitzman, director of product management at Messenger Kids, the new gamified activities will “help kids learn how to use the internet safely and practice making healthy decisions […]

The Biden administration recently extended the pause through May 1, 2022. (iStock) The federal student loan payment pause has provided much-needed relief for millions of borrowers over the past two years, but that relief comes with a high price tag. The Department of Education recently reported that the pause in student loan repayment has cost the […]

A new blog post from Meta marks the six-month anniversary of its newsletter publishing platform, Bulletin. Amid its plugs for the writers who publish work on the service, the company lets us know just how many publishers it has on board to help compete with companies like Substack and Twitter: 115. Unlike Substack, the buzziest […]

Google and Facebook are potentially in trouble after newly unsealed court documents revealed the two companies, which you might assume are tense rivals, actually signed a secret bid to consolidate the online ad market.  According to the documents, reported on by the Wall Street Journal and Politico, Texas and other US states are alleging Meta […]

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