SrdjanPav/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — It has now been two months since the start of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout for the youngest Americans, and despite some initial enthusiasm from a select group of parents, the vast majority of children under the age of 5 remain completely unvaccinated. About 941,000 children, under the age of five […]

Anadolu Agency/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — A child in Oregon has tested positive for monkeypox, state health officials announced Wednesday, marking the ninth reported pediatric case in the U.S. “We have a known connection to a previously diagnosed case,” Dr. Dean Sidelinger, health officer and state epidemiologist at the Oregon Health Authority, said in a […]

AFP via Getty Images (NEW YORK) — As demand for monkeypox vaccines increases, the World Health Organization (WHO) has begun to receive preliminary reports on the efficacy of the shots, which suggests there are breakthrough cases occurring, officials said Wednesday. “We have known from the beginning that this vaccine would not be a silver bullet, […]

Anadolu Agency/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — At least eight children in the U.S. have now tested positive for monkeypox, after health officials in Harris County, Texas, confirmed to ABC News that a presumptive case had been identified in a child under the age of 2. Officials reported the child has been completely asymptomatic, according to […]

Hannah Beier/Bloomberg via Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Novavax has submitted an application to the Food and Drug Administration for Emergency Use Authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine as a booster in adults that can be used on top of the its primary vaccine series or to mix and match with a different primary series, the […]

Anadolu Agency/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — A child in Martin County, Florida, has tested positive for monkeypox, state health data shows. Across the U.S., at least seven children have now tested positive for monkeypox. The child in Florida is between the ages of 0 and 4 years old, according to the state health data. The […]

Thanasis/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — As we approach the fall, there is a renewed push to get Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, particularly the elderly and the vulnerable, who continue to bear the brunt of the nation’s COVID-19 crisis. Although over 61 million people, over the age of 50, are eligible to receive their second COVID-19 […]

Carol Yepes/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — After several weeks of steady increases in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations, there are encouraging signs that the latest viral resurgence may be abating in the United States. The rate of new infections appears to be dropping, with the U.S. now reporting 107,000 new cases each day — an average […]

Mario Tama/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — An adult at an Illinois day care center has tested positive for monkeypox, and a number of children may have been exposed to the virus, health officials in Illinois announced on Friday. At this time, officials did not disclose the number of children that may have been exposed to the […]

Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Following its emergency authorization last month, just 7,300 doses of Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine have been administered to Americans across the country, newly updated data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals. According to John Brownstein, Ph.D., an epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and an ABC News […]

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